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To oversee the state and use of your property 
To show that your property is accountable for 
With detailed written report and detailed high quality photographs 
Clear writing used in the report, so there is very limited opportunity for assumptions and subjective take on the comments 
Simple language so international parties can understand the report 
Advice at check in about responsibilities in relation to the rented property 
Why trust us? 
Our work is with a variety of real estate companies including Letting Agents and Private Landlords. 
We offer a wide range of services including Inventory Reports, Check Ins, Mid-term Inspections, and Check Outs with reports compiled in accordance with recognised industry standards. 
Our inventory team 
With a team of inventory clerks - all notable to have a keen eye for detail and trained to meet our strict standards - our inventory reports are meticulously detailed and simple for all to comprehend, with the objective to minimise the probability of dispute. Their job is to protect both landlord and tenants monies by minimising disputes and ensuring there is enough evidence should a dispute arise. 
An inventory lists the contents and condition of your property in order that you get it back in the same condition, once fair wear and tear is accounted for. 
Key features of our inventory services 
No printing 
No chasing 
Tenant signs electronically 
Every step is time/date stamped 
Digital photographs of any damages to fixtures and fittings 
Listing of all white goods together with make and photographs 
Dispute Avoidance 
Compliant with the latest legislation 
Reports on the condition and cleanliness of the property 
Details of all fixtures and fittings within the property 
Report available to you in PDF format usually within 24 hours 
Accurate and detailed Inventories 
We meet the tenants at the property in order that they agree its condition from the moment they move in, sign for the keys and record meter readings. 
Key features of our check-in service 
Agree the condition, cleanliness and any damage at the property 
Note amendments with the tenant on-site 
The Tenant signs the declaration on the electronic copy 
Record and handover the property keys should you require us to do so 
Agree meter readings 
Tenant can record their comments and add photographs if necessary 
We'll go to the property and inspect its condition during the tenancy, giving you feedback on how it is being looked after and if there are any maintenance issues. 
Key features of our interim inspection 
Observations in relation to the terms of the lease (ie. sub-letting, smoking, pets etc) 
General up-keep which the landlord or tenant may need to resolve during or before the end of the tenancy 
Finished report is distributed electronically as a PDF file to clients usually within 24 hours of attending the property 
Room overview photography 
We'll return to the property at the end of the tenancy to note any changes to its condition. This can then form the basis of a claim against a tenant's deposit if necessary. 
Key features of our check-out inspection 
Impartial assessment of the property with new photographic evidence and a clear record of any changes that may have occurred during the tenancy 
Recommendations of responsibility 
Meter readings recorded 
Extensive photography if required 
Keys recorded 
Finished report is distributed electronically as a PDF file to clients usually within 24 hours of attending the property 
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